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QuakeNet 2.1 of 2010

The QuakeNet that began at 0900 Hours on January 17 of 2010 was a major success, the next QuakeNet, 2.2 will be hosted on April 18, 2010. Pictures from the event are posted at

We thank all participants for participating. Here is the E-Mail sent out to all participants after the net:

QuakeNet 2.1 completed sucessfully this morning. We had a few glitches, learned a few things and we are ready for QuakeNet 2.2 On Sunday, April 18, 2010. That is the anniversary of the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, M 6.6, 2 miles offshore from San Fransisco.

Next Year, the January QuakeNet 3.1 will be on the anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti, January 12, 2011.

We thank the San Diego Repeater Association for the use of the repeaters during this net
146.640, 147.150 and 145.280 SANDRA Repeaters All SANDRA Repeaters use PL 107.2

SANDRA hosts a news line on Sunday evening at 8pm, 2000 hrs, on 146.640 PL 107.2 .

I want to thank the following amateur radio operators at Net Control,
W6GRK, Gary, VP, El Cajon Amateur Radio Club, ARES, SATERN
W6BTS, Dave, member El Cajon Amateur Radio Club
KI6UPY, Joseph, member El Cajon Amateur Radio Club, <18
KJ6BWX, Tim, member Palomar Amateur Radio Club, ARES, <18

I want to thank the Relay Control Operators,
KI6LAQ, Art Hochberg, Del Mar
KG6VVN, Daniel Musick, Double Peak with KI6RRQ, Rich, and KI6LAV, Georgia
KI6GZK, Don Dodson ,San Miguel Fire District,Crest
kC6YSO, David Doan, Hillcrest

I want to thank everyone on the roster who participated in this exercise. If you would please send the logs to me, KI6TTF, we will be finding a way to generate a vaulable conclusion from this exercise based on the empirical data.

Please send your signal quality and strength reports to QuakeNet @ or mail to
Joseph Matterson
P.O Box 50
El Cajon, CA 92022

If you would like to be included in Quakenet 2.2 on April 18, 2010, please contact me at Q u a k e N e t @ L i v e.c o m. Please provide the following information

Call Sign
Handle (F & L Name)
Location during the Net (general area, e.g., chula Vista, or East Lake, or Elfin Forest, etc.)
Location by Lat, Long if you have it
Radio Type you will use on the Net (Base, Mobile, or HT)
Radio output power(in watts)
Antenna Type (Base, mobile, Mag, HT)
Primary affiliation (club, RACES, ARES, Red Cross, etc.)

If you would like to volunteer as a Relay Control station operator, please provide the same information and indicate your desire to volunteer.

Thank you for participating.
KI6TTF, Joseph, Net Control
QuakeNet @
Primary objective is to exercise 2M simplex.
Secondary objective is to get the most participation possible from all amateur radio operators
Tertiary objective is keep the operation simple so as to encourage everyone to participate - old Hams, New Hams and NBOAs (Never Been On the Air)